Fever, fever, go away~

It has been hectic for me.

Monday, Irfan fell from the bed, after that, Aiman started to behave weird. Not-at-all-like-Aiman‘s manner. He did not stuck his nose in the Ipad all day long like always. He did not play with his blocks or his cars. He did not chit-chat non-stop with me as usual. He did not even call me “Ma! Ma! Ma!” until i answer him for every ten minutes, as he always did! He just sat quietly in front of the tv watching BabyTv with lil Irfan. So not Aiman!

The mystery revealed itself later in the evening.

Down with fever..poor boy~

Down with fever..poor boy~

So, on Tuesday, i just spent more time with my sick little kiddo. Wiping his body with wet towel, making sure he drank a lot, monitoring his temperature with the thermometer and making sure his temperature did not rise above 39 degrees celcius. It broke my heart when he did not want to eat at all, not even his favourite doughnut. He only ate half of his favourite peanut butter sandwich (he calls it butter roti). Then he cried when I asked if he wanted to eat rice. Poor baby. :(

The funny part was when he suddenly got up and started pointing at Irfan. At first, I had no idea what it was about. Then I noticed that Irfan was playing with his cars and putting the car into his mouth. OK I got it. He did not want Irfan to ‘eat’ his cars. So I ‘rescued’ the cars. But then, he started to cry more. I had no idea why, and could not understand what he wanted, so I put him back to sleep.

When Papa came back from work, we took turns to look after Aiman.

By Wednesday morning, Aiman still have a bit of fever that went away later in the afternoon. Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah. All worries left me. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Irfan was not affected by the bout of fever in the house. Just a slight temperature on Wednesday morning. Tough boy! Little cousin Soleh had cough and flu. He coughed and he sneezed and he coughed and he sneezed until his eyes were all red! My poor baby nephew, get well soon, dear. :(

Happy-as-always Irfan

Happy-as-always Irfan

It’s the weather.

Petaling Jaya is extremely hot these few days. I think it’s about the same everywhere in Malaysia, right?

Due to the extreme heat, babies and little children fall sick. And then the parents too. I’m starting to have sore throat, i think.

Let me share a few tips when you have a sick child. There are three things you need to take care of:

  1. Control the temperature: It is wise to keep a digital thermometer in the house, in a place where you can remember and easy to find. Make sure the temperature does not reach 39 degrees celcius or more. Don’t overdress. Be sure to wipe the body with wet cloth every once in a while.
  2. Prevent dehydration: Drink a lot of water (preferably clear fluids). Juice is good too.
  3. Monitor for signs of serious or life-threatening illnesses

A good website I found: Introduction to Home Remedies for Fevers

Till next time! 😀


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